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To you

The ancient Greek merchants fanned throughout the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Black Sea and via the Danube River beyond the known world of their time, in search of trading partners. Together with trade, they took with them industry, ingenuity, fervor and a desire to learn more about others throughout their world. They searched for "Networking" opportunities and partners, giving and taking, bartering, doing business, improving life.

Today, the Hellenic Canadian Board of Trade in Toronto, provides similar networking opportunities to its members, but in a more relaxed environment. We aim to widen our horizons as Canadian professionals and business people, not only in the North American milieu, but as partners of the European Union and as world citizens. We live in a world without borders, where technology and telecommunications keep us tied into a web and always connected.

The new HCBT website, offers you, our members, an opportunity to connect and be connected with other Hellenic professionals. It opens our horizons, our ability to communicate and network with others who may share our interests, our tastes and our views. HCBT.COM is your tool to increase your networking opportunities whenever you wish and where ever you are. It gives you an opportunity to advertise your business and a forum to do your business.

The HCBT is proud of our achievements and looks forward to increasing our involvement in improving what we do and to keep abreast of events and technology to serve you better.

The Board of Directors welcome you to our website and wish you success in your business endeavors now and in the future.

With regards,

HCBT Board of Directors