Ontario Small Business Grant - How to apply

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1. Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade 1 HOW - TO APPLY: Small Business Support Grant

4. 4 STEP 2 Let us know if you are a new or returning applicant.

6. 6 STEP 4 Answer each question to determine your eligibility.

8. 8 STEP 6 Provide your business information.

9. 9 STEP 7 Next, fill in your contact information.

10. 10 STEP 8 Then provide some additional business information.

11. 11 STEP 9 Review your information to ensure it is correct.

12. 12 STEP 10 Lastly, provide your business banking information. Then submit.

2. 2 Ontario Small Business Support Grant The new Ontario Small Business Support Grant is another helping hand that can give your small business the boost it needs to meet the challenges of today. Small businesses with 99 employees or fewer that were required to close or significantly reduce their services can apply for this one - time grant that starts at $10,000 to a maximum of $20,000. You can apply for this grant – and other financial support like up to $1,000 to help with PPE and rebates to cover your energy costs and property taxes – today. Applying is easy. And it’s fast. Follow along for a step - by - step guide on how - to apply.

7. 7 STEP 5 Then click on Start Application .

5. 5 STEP 3 Select the Ontario Small Business Support Grant . You can also apply for the Main Street Relief Grant for PPE or property tax and energy cost rebate grants at the same time.

13. 13 NEXT STEPS Most successful applicants will receive their Ontario Small Business Support Grant in about two weeks. Visit ontario.ca/COVIDsupport and apply today.

3. 3 STEP 1 Visit ontario.ca/COVIDsupport . Then click on Apply for funding . Please have a CRA document with your legal business name and number handy.


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